Walking a dog that pulls on the leash is never fun. Instead of being a fun, and relaxing activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family; it turns your pleasant walk into a battle of who’s stronger – you, or your dog?

It can be easy to give up, go home, and collapse onto the couch; exhausted from a walk around the block. But, unfortunately, this usually makes things worse.
A dog that is trying to pull on the leash is usually full of energy, and taking him on a very short walk – while it might save your arms and shoulders,won’t do anything to release his energy.

If you have the desire to fix the problem, and the patience of a saint; then following the below steps will result in an angelic dog that happily walks on a loose leash!


I use this trick with every single dog that pulls ahead.

1.Walk your dog forwards, after five steps ask him to sit and wait.
2.Wait for three seconds, then continue walking

This will teach your dog to anticipate you; he should keep an eye on you, and walk very slowly in readiness of sitting and waiting.
As he becomes good at this exercise, you can increase the distance between sitting and waiting. Increase by two steps at a time, and be prepared for him to lose focus – that’s what we’re testing, and he’ll soon realize that the pattern is continuing.


When working with a dog that pulls towards something in particular, for example – moving cars. You should focus on being calm, and keep your dog’s focus on you, and away from the cars.

1.Start by standing on the pavement beside a quiet road
2.Ask your dog to sit and wait
3.Now hang out until a car comes along!
4.As soon as the car passes, if your dog stands up and tries to pull forward – put him back into a sitting position and ask him to wait.
5.When your dog sits still as a car passes, praise him and give him a treat

You have to repeat this exercise every single day, if not twice per day to see some real results!
Once your dog has become calm at dealing with cars on a quiet road, you can take him to a slightly busier road, and so on, and so on.
After working with your dog daily for around a week or two, you should be able to ask your dog to lie down as cars pass, still using the formula above; and rewarding with treats!


There are a lot of products able to assist you with a strong dog; one of my favorites has to be a dog halter. It’s incredibly humane and works almost immediately to improve your dog’s pulling. As you pull on a dog halter, you’re guiding the dog to look towards you which redirects his focus directly onto you, and all of this without resorting to inhumane training methods.