Did you know that January is officially National Train Your Dog Month? Well, we think any month is the right time to start teaching your dog some fun tricks.
Go on, impress your friends, and use up your dog’s energy by teaching him one, or even all of the tricks we’ve highlighted below!


A sure fire way to impress the kids in your family! Everyone loves a good high five, and in my opinion, it’s way cooler when it comes from your four-legged friend.
Not to mention, It’s one of the simplest tricks to teach.

1.Take your dog into a quiet area of the house or garden, somewhere free from distraction!
2.Place him into a sit position and kneel on the floor in front of him; facing him.
3.Using a treat in your left hand, you’re going to let your dog sniff the treat – so he knows what he’s working towards!
4.Now, holding your left hand in front of you, move your hand over to the left.
This will cause your dog to lean onto his right foot, and release the weight on his left foot – allowing him to pick it up.
5.With your right hand, you’re going to gently lift his left paw while concurrently giving him the treat.
6.Continue doing this until your dog starts to anticipate the movement, and begins to lift his left paw towards your hand before you even touch his foot.
7.The next and final stage to train the full high five is to offer your right hand, palm flat to your dog – provided that you completed the previous steps of training; he should reach out and place his hand on your outstretched hand!

Remember, it’s important not to overdo it with training. Fifteen-minute sessions are shown to be the most effective when training any new command or trick!


There’s a little prep work to do if you want your dog to learn to roll over. First of all; he needs to learn to lie down!

1.Get a lot of treats ready! This is a treat heavy process in the very beginning.
2.Take a treat in your right hand; hold it right in front of your dog’s nose as you stand in front of him. Now ask him to lie down, and as soon as he is in a down position you can give him the treat.
3.Now that he’s in a down position, you’re going to take another treat and slowly ask him to lie on his right side. The way that we do this is by taking the treat in your right hand and guiding his head back, and towards his left shoulder. This will result in him altering his position to better reach the treat, and hey presto – you just taught him to lie on his side! Don’t forget to give him another treat for this.
4.The final stage is the roll over. Once you’ve mastered the steps above, what you’re going to do is, starting from where we left off – use your right hand and guide your pup’s head back towards his left shoulder, and then all of the way around. Be sure to give him the treat once he has rolled all the way over, and not just when he’s reaching over with his head.

Before writing this article, we tested all of the training methods; and this one was by far one of the quickest to teach. Working with two Malinois, we successfully taught them both to roll over within ten minutes. Of course, this is a very smart and active breed; so you may find that it takes a little longer with another breed, but be patient, and you’ll master this fun trick in no time!