We’re all read our fair share of articles relating to positive reinforcement when it comes to training dogs. It seems to be everywhere at the moment, and to that, I say – finally!

An animal will never learn, or want to learn if he’s shown negativity and cruelty; but with positivity, encouragement, and just the right amount of incentive – your dog will not only learn, but enjoy doing it.
So, where do treats come in? Well, that depends on your specific dog! Take a look at the list below for the option that will best suit your four-legged friend.


When it comes to feeding treats, you should be careful not to overfeed your dog, especially if you have a dog prone to weight gain; as the associated medical conditions that go along with dog obesity don’t even bear thinking about.

A great alternative is to make your dog work for his food. Instead of just pop-ping his food down in a bowl twice a day, why not start a new obedience training routine? Twice per day, when you’d normally just give him his food – you can feed him piece by piece as a reward for him performing the commands that you’re asking of him. An added bonus is that he’s getting extra exercise too!


If you have a thin, or normal sized dog; you can be less cautious when considering the waistline! But, do remember that not all treats are healthy, and even though some treats might not be making your dog fat – they might not be doing him any good either.

Do some research and you’ll see that there are in fact a lot of healthy dog treats available. You can even ask your vet, and they should be happy to recommend a brand!


If you happen to be the proud owner of a dog that just isn’t ruled by his stomach, don’t worry; you can still find a reward that he’ll work for.
All you need to do is find the “treat” that works for your dog. For example, does he love playing fetch? Or how about getting a belly rub?

As soon as you’ve figured out what the biggest reward is for your dog, then use that as his treat! For example, doing obedience training can work just as well if you need to take time in between commands to play fetch!