Tips for Making Homemade Dog Food

Deciding to give your dog homemade food can be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Homemade dog food is healthy, economical, and can be easily made. All you need are some tips to guide you as to how to go about it.

Take Time to Prepare Your Dog Food

Find the time to make the food. Just as when cooking for your family, use good, safe food handling practices, especially when using raw meats. Give yourself time to pack the cooked food in freezer bags, measured in portions appropriate for your dog.

Buy High Quality Ingredients in Bulk

Buying ingredients in bulk will lower the cost, saving you money. Choose good, high-quality meats and organic chicken whenever possible. You can prepare the homemade dog food in larger batches and then freeze them in daily portion sizes

Dietary Supplements

Many dog owners who choose to make home cooked meals for their dogs also give them dietary supplements, taking the dog’s size into consideration.

Portion Control

An important point to remember is portion control. Even though homemade dog food is wholesome and healthy, too much of it can cause weight gain, which can lead to health issues for your dog.

Switch Gradually

Although your dog’s health will improve when you serve him homemade meals, you should be patient because it will take him some time to adjust to his new meals. Changing your dog’s food too fast can cause him to have diarrhea or an upset tummy. Switch his diet by mixing the new, homemade food with the old, commercial dog food at first, and then slowly, wean out the processed food.

It is advisable to consult your veterinarian before you make the change to homemade meals so he can advise you as to how to go about it.