An excited dog can be great fun, but an over-excited dog can be boisterous, and difficult to control. In our previous article, we discussed the correlation between over-excitement and continuous barking. Whereas, in this article, we’re going to look at the easy solutions that will result in a calm, and manageable dog.


You should never feed a dog too many treats, as they can gain excess weight.
Instead, why not make him work for his food? A solution to this is to give him pieces of dog food as a reward; a great incentive for the dog controlled by his stomach!
If you’re not home enough during the week, why not have this as a weekend activity


Above all, the most important job that you have when it comes to training your dog; is to stay calm. Your dog won’t want to work with you if you’re here, there, and everywhere with your emotions. Going back to them being a pack animal; your dog will look for a calm and stable leader; as their owner, it’s your job to be that for them!


Some dogs are more hyper than others, and it’s your job to do all of the necessary research before buying, or rescuing them to make sure that his exercise requirements fit in with your lifestyle. A lot of times, I’ll hear from owners struggling with overly excited dogs that jump up, bark incessantly or that are difficult to deal with. In encouraging these owners to increase the exercise schedule of their dogs; in the majority of cases, it results in a much calmer dog.


As well as the physical requirements, are you sure that your dog is being challenged enough mentally? Doing daily obedience training will be one of the biggest solutions you have to make your dog chill out, and be a nice member of the family!


Depending on the breed of dog that you own, you may find that obedience training isn’t enough to keep their brains occupies. In this case, you should consider fun activities, including teaching your dog tricks, or perhaps even agility training!